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Finally, fall golf rankings are out! LSU women are ranked No 11

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    Fall Golf Rankings Finally Happen! LSU Women Ranked No. 11

    BATON ROUGE – It produced pandemonium on social media by golf media and others, but Spikemark/Clippd and Professor Mark Broadie of the Columbia Business School on Wednesday produced something called fall rankings.

    The LSU women are ranked No. 11 in the country in these fall rankings and grad student Ingrid Lindblad, who remains the No. 1 amateur golfer in the world, is ranked No. 5 with her two wins in three events this season.

    The rankings are based on Professor Broadie’s rankings he was brought in to do by the NCAA after the attempt by Spikemark to set up a new system failed. Broadie’s rankings according to a video posted on Wednesday are to highlight “fairness, accuracy and transparency” in how teams are rated. There is a premium on stroke differential and all results will have a point value assigned to it.

    What seems to have most of the golf media in an uproar is that events that have match play involved in it is giving a high and separate point value to the one match against an opponent which appears in the initial review to make match play more important in the points ability to be acquired.

    LSU will have a match play possibility in the SEC Championships and of course, there is match play in the NCAA Championships.

    It remains to be seen now that Spikemark/Clippd has come out with rankings as the official performance rankings of the NCAA, whether the Women’s Golf Coaches Association will resume its suspended coaches poll and whether the Golfweek/Sagarin performance rankings will restart. Both were stopped with the lack of results available during the fall golf season when the original providers of Spikemark saw their system crash on the opening day of golf season.

    As of November 15, here are the rankings for the top 15 teams in the Spikemark/Clippd era:

    1 Wake Forest/6/41-6-3/108.32
    2 Stanford/5/30-5-1/108.14
    3 Arkansas/3/15-6-0/105.05
    4 Southern California/6/44-12-0/87.06
    5 UCLA/4/38-11-1/83.74
    6 South Carolina/4/33-8-1/82.13
    7 Texas/4/31-15-3/79.19
    8 Oregon/4/39-13-1/77.65
    9 Ole Miss/4/54-6-0/75.79
    10 Florida/4/42-6-0/71.17
    11 LSU/4/47-11-0/70.45
    12 Texas A&M/5/14-14-1/68.99
    13 UCF/4/55-5-0/68-54
    14 Northwestern/4/45-15-1/67.67
    15 Clemson/4/44-9-1/64.40

    LSU has a win at the Illini Women’s event at Medinah this season and a second-place finish in the Cougar Classic in its fall resume’. The Tigers open their fall season in Puerto Rico at the Purdue hosted event, Feb. 4-6.

    The top five individuals as of the end of the fall golf schedule are:

    Name/School/Wins/Top 3s/Events/Rounds/Points
    1 Maria Jose Marin/Arkansas/1/2/3/8/103.71
    2 Julia Lopez Ramirez/Miss. State/0/2/3/8/66.22
    3 Meghan Ganne/Stanford/1/2/5/12/64.98
    4 Maisie Filler/Florida/2/3/4/12/64.12
    5 Ingrid Lindblad/LSU/2/2/3/9/63.56


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